Hello! My name is Karoline,
i'm from Perú, this blogs
is only EXO stan (WE.R.1 ♥)

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hi people, i felt slept again, what happened?? my dashboard is like in standby lol 

"So lucky to have you"| EXO  in Japan “HELLO” Greeting April 11-13 2014,

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baekhyun regretting his life choices a.k.a don’t talk about/mess with kyungsoo unless you want to get hurt

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EXO’s Overdose album preview + keychain + lightstick

▲Chansoo Fanfic


Title: Flawlessly Imperfect ♥

Author: onewgiri @ lj

Pairing: chanyeol/kyungsoo

Rating: pg-13

Genre: non-au, fluff, slight!crack

Length: one-shot

Description: Somewhere in between trying to figure out personalities and preparing for the time of their lives, Chanyeol learns to love Kyungsoo for what he truly is.

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Artist: 30 secs of D.O's different voices

Normal voice, Oh Kwang Rok imitation, manly voice, gay voice, girly(?) voice, surprised voice, scary voice, kid voice

+ sexy beatbox (his sexy ahhh~ i can’t!)

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